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Note: Starling Watches now come with a blue velvet bag. Terri Hardin’s cast resin art box is no longer shipped with Starling Watches.

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STARLING is a multi-media experience that calls out to your creative and adventurous side. A Steampunk story, featuring 3 people spanning 200 years of time, as they race to make devices that will change everyone’s destiny. You will enjoy the story, enjoy the hand made art jewelry pocket watches, and house them in wonderfully collectable original sculpted artwork. Quantities will be limited and come signed by inventor Frank Cohen and Disney Imagineer Terri Hardin Jackson.

How We Describe STARLING Art Jewelry Pocket Watches

STARLING is a complete experience: A high-tech precision quartz pocket watch with the Chillovean(TM) glow effect capable of producing 67 million color combinations, delivered in 6 Victorian-style pocket watch designs, the short story on how these watches came to exist and their magical powers, and an exquisitely hand-sculpted display box enclosure.

Each of the 6 designs is only available in limited quantities and collectable. Each comes personally signed by designers Frank Cohen and Disney Imagineer Terri Hardin.

While each pocket watch device is impressive in itself, STARLING is more than just an accessory. STARLING is a Steampunk-styled graphic novel that tells its story through eight wonderfully designed Victorian styled pocket watches, each endowed with special powers. Follow the time travel adventures of Jeff and Allisandra, people from different time periods that meet through the power of the STARLING watch. Adventure with them as they outwit the watch’s evil inventor and find a love that spans across time. Purchase any of the actual pocket watches and dig into the entire graphic novel.

Product Features

  • Inspired By The Steampunk Victorian Era Future 
That Never Was
  • Signed by Inventor Frank Cohen and Sculptor Terri Hardin Jackson
  • Limited Edition – less than 1000 made
  • Perfectly Paired Watch Chain, FOB
  • For Men and Women
  • Beautiful Display Box by Disney Sculptor Terri Hardin Jackson
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Quartz Time Movement – Never Needs Winding
  • Replaceable Battery
  • 6 Collectable Designs
  • Exciting 6 Chapter Adventure Novel
  • 67 Million Color Combinations

Inspired by the ever-growing Steampunk style, STARLING watches are a precision quartz watch movement with a glowing Chillovean(TM) light effect. The Chillovean glow comes from four high tech light processors capable of 67 million color combinations. STARLING’s artistic and calming effect is a perfect accessory to your Steampunk style.

STARLING is a complete experience: Read the novel, own the magical pocket watches, enjoy the original collectable art pieces.

STARLING is a multi-media masterpiece that calls out to your creative and adventurous side.

A Steampunk story to top them all, featuring 3 people spanning 200 years of time, as they race to make devices that will change everyone’s destiny.

You will enjoy the STARLING story, enjoy the Chillovean lights, and house them in wonderfully collectable original sculpted art jewelry boxes..

Collectible design in very limited quantities and come signed by inventor Frank Cohen and Disney Imagineer Terri Hardin Jackson.

The Vision Behind Starling

Frank Cohen, CEO says:

“STARLING was born from my participation in science fiction, cosplay, and Steampunk conferences, events, novels, graphic literature, and technology. These were the fuel to ignite the Maker Movement that has now gone world wide. Steampunk stories are often about how women break the glass ceiling, how people make things to surmount poverty and challenges, and how education, problem solving, and critical thinking move the world forward.”

“When I invented the Chillovean lighting system I soon realized that I could take the effect with me in my pocket. The Chillovean glow comes from four high tech light processors capable of 67 million color combinations, all housed in STARLING’s beautiful Victorian-style pocket watch.”

“So it was with great pleasure that STARLING opened the opportunity to write my first fiction short story. I found my writing voice is a combination of science fiction, romance, and adventure novels. Each chapter teaches ways to lead more mindful, energetic, and long lives. For example, the main characters – Jeff and Alli – find they must practice meditation and yoga techniques to overcome obstacles in the story.”

About the STARLING Team

Frank Cohen, CEO and Founder, assembled a team of experts to develop technology that bring passion, excitement and meaning to our lives. The team is based in 5 countries (USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Australia, and India.) We are passionate about developing new and exciting technology to move the Internet of Things forward.

About Frank Cohen, Founder and CEO of VOTSH

Frank Cohen is that unique combination of technologist, entrepreneur, and enterprise sales person who builds start-up companies successfully. He is often the “go to” guy when enterprises need to test, design, and solve performance problems in complex interoperating IT mobile, desktop, and mainframe apps and systems. He is the author of Java Testing and Design, the seminal book on designing large scale apps for performance. Recommendations from PepsiCo, BestBuy, Deutsche Bank, and McKesson. He is Founder of Appvance Inc. (formerly PushToTest.)

For the past 35 years he lead some of the software industry’s most successful products, including Norton Antivirus, Oracle/Sun Community Server, and Apple’s first Internet browser products and software. He began by writing operating systems for microcomputers in the 1980’s, helped establish video games as an industry, establish the Symantec Norton Utilities franchise, lead Apple’s efforts into middleware and Internet technologies, and helped start the first Internet ecommerce site ( He is inventor of 3 patents pending.

About Terri Hardin, Designer

Terri Hardin is an award-winning Disney artist and Walt Disney Imagineer for more than 10 years, designing attractions in France, Japan and Florida for the Walt Disney Company. She is a world-known professional puppeteer and has worked as a member of The Jim Henson Muppeteers for more than 30 years. She is the creator of a limited-edition Disney sculpture series bearing her name that has gained her a fan base circling the globe. She has also designed toys for Mattel, Nickelodeon and Applause.

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