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STARLING are instantly collectible Steampunk quartz pocket watches unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. More than a new line featuring six steampunk style pocket watches, STARLING is a fascinating, romantic tale of time travel and adventure. Disney Imagineer Terri Hardin collaborated to illustrate the short story written by Silicon Valley Frank Cohen. The Steampunk watches features the Chillovean lights, invented by Frank Cohen, capable of displaying 67 million color combinations. Open each watch and the millions of light color combinations that emerge have the power to improve your life, bring you relaxation, and make you more mindful of the things that unlock fulfillment and happiness. STARLING watches are collectible and limited edition steampunk jewelry- these will sell out!!


Frank Cohen is a popular Silicon Valley technologist and inventor. Long fascinated by the Makers Movement’s ability to deliver steampunk stories in real life, he created a complete experience: steampunk pocket watches with a magical glowing light system, a novel but spans 200 years, and original art to make STARLING collectible. Frank lives in Silicon Valley, California. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


Terri Hardin is an award-winning Disney artist and Walt Disney Imagineer for more than 10 years, designing attractions in France, Japan and Florida for the Walt Disney Company. She is a world-known professional puppeteer and has worked as a member of The Jim Henson Muppeteers for more than 30 years. She is the creator of a limited-edition Disney sculpture series bearing her name that has gained her a fan base circling the globe. She has also designed toys for Mattel, Nickelodeon and Applause.


STARLING is designed and manufactured by VOTSH Inc., Frank Cohen’s start-up company based in Silicon Valley, California. VOTSH designs exciting and engaging experiences for branding companies, including online and in-person experiences like STARLING. For details, visit At the time we prepared this document, STARLING was in final design and manufacturing status. The products may be different from the description here.

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